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Back & Body Wellness Centre Reviews

It is tremendously gratifying to help our cherished Surrey patients and receive kind comments from them about our care. At Back & Body Wellness Centre, our hope is that others will learn more about our natural healthcare services so they can get on the path toward optimal health and wellness. We are honored to serve our patients with exceptional care and are grateful to have received so many wonderful testimonials.

Ideal Protein

“I really learned a lot about losing weight the healthy way through the coaching and guidance provided by Manny. Manny is professional and courteous. The weekly appointments helped me stay motivated and I felt very supported.”

– Harpreet Deol

Excellent Coach for Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein was the best decision I have ever made for myself. The program has such great resources to help reach your goals, through the excellent coaches (Manny) and through the support website. I liked the science behind the program. Back & Body Wellness Centre has been a great place to do this program; everyone is very friendly and encouraging.

– Diana Walters

Help During Pregnancy

Before seeing Dr. Pannu I was experiencing a lot of discomfort related to my twin pregnancy (middle and lower back pain, hip pain, tightness around my ribs, shortness of breath and many helpless nights due to leg cramps and back pain). Dr. Pannu used the Webster technique on me and right away I felt better. I can now sleep better, breathe better and it seems there is more room for my babies to move around, so my ribs don’t hurt anymore and with regular adjustments, my back is a lot better. Thank you.

– Martina Kitt

Auto Accident Care

Dr. Pannu and her associates are caring, kind, patient practitioners who treat people, not “injuries” and put the “care” in health care.

I was referred for chiropractic therapy and physiotherapy after suffering significant soft tissue injury in a car accident. Knowing very little about chiropractic care, I chose Back & Body Wellness Centre by virtue of its ratings on social media – I was not disappointed!

Dr. Pannu took the time to explain chiropractic treatment to me, and what the course of my treatment may look like. With each visit I feel better and stronger physically, and leave with not just “exercises,” but information about my body and health and a sense that I have been listened to….and HEARD. Her demeanor is pleasant, gentle and nurturing.

Dr. Pannu chooses her associates with the same care. Clients are always welcomed with a friendly smile and a helpful attitude. Vinod Kumar, the physiotherapist who treats me, is also a down to earth health practitioner with tremendous knowledge, and a welcome sense of humour.

I have recommended Back & Body Wellness Centre to family and friends, and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Pannu for directing me on the course to recovery!

– Carol Frazee

Migraine Relief

I have seen other chiropractors over the years, but the treatments here have far exceeded what I have received elsewhere. The heat treatment and individual care are amazing. I have not had a migraine since seeing Dr. Pannu and have had great improvement in my shoulders. It has only been 3 visits, but I will keep coming back. Thanks.


Ken Dunn

Vertigo Relief

I had been suffering from vertigo/dizziness for almost 2 years. I had seen numerous doctors/chiropractors, but no one was able to help me with my vertigo, until I came to see Dr. Jasminder Pannu. It was with Dr. Pannu’s treatment that cured me from my vertigo.

– Manni Gill

Back Pain Relief & Pediatric Help

My boyfriend and I both see Dr. Pannu for back problems and I knew right away that I could trust her with my 1 year old son. He had not slept longer than 2 hours at night since his birth, but after Dr. Pannu treated him for the first time, that night he slept 9 hours. He is now 26 months and we brought him in to see Dr. Pannu again. He was not talking before seeing her, and after the adjustments, he is now babbling and saying 5 or more words. We bring him in once a week now. Dr. Pannu is wonderful with our whole family. Thank you!

– Lacy Walpole

Decompression Therapy Brought Relief

I would like to thank Dr. Pannu for recommending decompression therapy. When I came in to see Dr. Pannu I was in a lot of pain and was crying. I have been a longtime patient of hers. She explained decompression to me and I tried it. The treatment really helped my low back pain. I was able to walk and do my regular duties every day. Thank-you again Dr. Pannu.


Ramanjit Athwal

Relief Not Found Elsewhere

I was seeing another chiropractor for lower back pain that did not seem to get any better. Four months ago I found Back & Body Wellness Centre off the Internet and decided to give them a try. Getting decompression therapy treatment at this clinic saved me from having back surgery. I always got excellent service and having said that, I have recommended them to all my friends and family.”

– Mario Lachetta

Skilled Chiropractor

I have been a patient of Dr. Pannu’s for over 2 years and have always received excellent care. I find the treatments to be effective in relieving tension in my neck, shoulder and back. I receive the most benefit from having my neck adjusted. Not only is Dr. Pannu a skilled chiropractor, but she is very personable and friendly.

– Jennifer Thomas

Saw Actual Results

My Fiancé and I both signed up with Manny at Back and Body Wellness Centre for the Ideal Protein Program after hearing a few friends rave about it. We started the program in June 2014 and found the program easy to follow. We’d tried numerous times in the past to lose weight but it was not until we took on the Ideal Protein Program that we saw actual results.

– Nicole S.

Very Good Decision

I first started going to Back and Body Wellness Centre for the Chiropractic treatment for my headaches. Dr. Nina Foot has helped a lot. I very rarely get headaches now. One day after my visit they were having a free seminar on Ideal Protein which I attended, very good decision. I feel wonderful about myself and it has changed my life. It has allowed me to open my eyes to new things that I never had enough confidence to do before. Thank you and thank you Manny.

-Jennifer H.

Great Weight Loss Coach

Manny is very informative, supportive and helpful. He’s gone out of his way to follow up with phone calls in the past, and he’s been a great weight loss coach.”

-Courtney G.

The Absolute Best Coach

Manny is the absolute best coach I have had for weight loss. I’ve been on every diet imaginable but Manny is the only one (including other Ideal Protein Coaches) who has been able to put my weight gain/weight loss into perspective in a manner that one can actually visualize, comprehend and use for my game plan. I know with his help i will succeed this time around.”

-Kathy G.

Great Experience

I came here for my lower back pain that has been on going for a month… Dr. J. Pannu quickly diagnosed and relieved me from further discomfort. A great experience, and I recommend anyone who is looking for chiropractic services to visit. Thank you Back & Body Wellness.”

-Bobby S.

Thanks Dr. Pannu!

I had a pinched nerve in my lower back last year. Spinal decompression was recommended to me by Dr. Pannu. I received 3 treatments and the pain and discomfort was virtually gone. I come back once a month for an adjustment and now I am able to do all the activities I haven’t been able to do for years. Thanks Dr. Pannu!”

-Kevin B.

Dr. Pannu Cares

I was suffering back pain as well as severe pain when taking a deep breath. My husband suggested I see Dr. Pannu as she had worked wonders for his back pain. She discovered a mis-aligned rib and after just one treatment the pain was completely gone!! Dr. Pannu is a highly skilled chiropractor who genuinely cares about her patients health and well-being.

-Michelle Johansen

Up & Walking Straight

In short, medications didn’t work. Hot tubs didn’t work either, but my first visit to Dr. Pannu I was up and walking straight. In two visits, my back started feeling stronger. Sincere thanks to Dr. Pannu and co-operative staff of Back and Body Basics.

Vishal V.

Personable & Approachable!

I’ve always walked into Back and Body Basics in excruciating pain, but have always walked out in lesser pain. Dr. Pannu’s attitude and professionalism coupled with her excellent knowledge, is what keeps me coming back; she’s an excellent chiropractor. Dr. Pannu takes her time in understanding your pain and ailment and thus gives appropriate treatment. Without hesitation, I would recommend her to anyone I know! Dr. Pannu is a great person, very personable and approachable!

-Parm K.

Felt Much Better

After visiting Dr. Pannu four times in the span of one week, my excruciating lower back pain instantly decreased. During my initial visit I could barely lie down without screaming in pain. But by the next few visits, I felt much better and the pain had gradually disappeared. Thanks Dr. Pannu for helping me.

-Joanne Bueno

Healing Experience

It is always a wonderful and healing experience to come here at Back and Body Basics. I come out of here feeling relieved physically as well as mentally and spiritually. Dr. Pannu always makes my day! Thank you very much – much love to your way

-Monique Diotte

Much Better After First Treatment

I had neck and back pain. After the first treatment with Dr. Pannu, I felt so much better. Previously, I had missed work and was taking pain killers, but after getting my first adjustment I did not need to take any medicine and I was back to work immediately. Also my neck which had been giving me trouble for many years feels much better now. My neck and back are so much more relaxed.

-Deepan Heer

Instant Relief

When I came for my first visit I could not bend over to tie my shoes. The pain was so bad. After the first visit I had instant relief, the pain went away more and more each visit.

-Dean Johansen


I feel grateful for the weekly encouragement and support Dr. Jasminder Pannu has given me. She brings me joy. I look forward to treatment weekly. Dr. Pannu’s treatment has significantly reduced pain and improved flexibility and on most day’s improved patience and gratitude for good health!

-George Patterson

Huge Improvement

I have been a house painter for 20 years. Both of my shoulders were giving me trouble. They hurt alot with certain movements, and I kept putting off to see Dr. Pannu. I finally went and wished I had come sooner. After one visit I noticed a huge improvement. I will keep coming back regularily.

-J. Tabakis

Pleasant & Professional

“I came to see Dr. Pannu regarding my shoulder and arm pain. The pain was disturbing my sleep, daily duties at home and work. I noticed a difference after my first visit. The staff is very pleasant and professional.”

-Raj Bains

Dedicated to Chiropractic

I am very happy to have discovered Dr. Pannu. The level of care I have received since coming here is unmatched anywhere I have been! My allergies have even decreased by 30% with chiropractic adjustments. I believe Dr. Pannu truly believe’s in helping people, and is dedicated to chiropractic.

-Michael David

Results Were Amazing

I’ve been suffering from back problems since 2002 after having a bad accident back in UK. My back problem caused me so much trouble dealing with my job. I tried various kinds of medications but ended up with the same symptoms. I heard about Dr. Pannu through a good friend of mine. I thought to give chiropractic a try. Dr. Pannu is skilled and very polite, and provides full attention to her patients. Results were amazing. I was very happy with the treatments and recommend her to everyone. The staff is so nice.

-Ravi Grewal

Nice & Friendly!

I had shoulder pain and also sharp pain going down my left arm into the hand. My first session with Dr. Jas Pannu made me feel much better. I had missed 5 days from work before coming here, but if I had come earlier I wouldn’t have missed any day. I was back to work the next day after the treatment. Thank-you! The staff and Jas Pannu are nice and friendly!

-Abdul Aziz


Dr. Pannu had done a wonderful job aligning and adjusting my body to alleviate pain where I needed the most. I am feeling much better, walking with a nice straight posture without fear of the pain anymore. Everytime I encounter pain or muscle soreness especially with my back, I can always rely on Dr. Pannu to work her magic on me! Thanks for the wonderful service!!

-Bertharene Imran

Treated Like Family

Dr. Pannu has been taking care of my chiropractic needs for well over 2 years now, and I have been impressed by her knowledgeable approach to her field, her people-oriented skills and welcoming nature. I feel very comfortable with her and find that both my wife and I are treated like family and that our health and well being are Dr. Pannu’s primary concern.

-Matt Thomas

Professional & Pleasant

I have been coming in for neck and back pain. I appreciate the combination of manual and electrical massage along with manual adjustments. The exercises are also very helpful. Staff are always professional and pleasant too.

Suzanne Hughes

Without Pain

I could not move my right shoulder for almost a year, now after several treatments with Dr. Pannu, my shoulder pain has decreased-almost disappeared. I had a moderate shoulder impingement and biceps tendinitis in my right shoulder, which was diagnosed via MRI. I can now move my right shoulder in all directions, as apposed to before when I could barely move it. I could not do many daily activities before, such as even combing my hair or doing laundry. Now I am able to do all activities without pain. Thanks Dr. Pannu.

-Akwinder Sangha

Helped Me Tremendously

I came in for neck, shoulder and back pain a few months ago. I am able to return to my daily activities without suffering and pain. The chiropractic sessions have helped me tremendously and I feel that without the help of the chiropractor I wouldn’t be able to recover to the extent that I have.

-Gurbux Chauhan

Increased Mobility

Coming here has really helped me in having less pain, increased mobility, less stress, and decreased blood pressure (from neck adjustments).

-Kamalvir Sanghera

We will remain steadfastly committed to providing all of our patients with the highest level of care. If you’d like to rejuvenate your health, contact us today to book an appointment!

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