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Spinal Decompression in Surrey & Langley

chiropractic tableIf you’ve been putting up with back pain or stiffness or have been told you have a herniated disc, we offer a noninvasive and effective way to get relief. Nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy uses a motorized traction table to reduce pressure on the spine by stretching and releasing the spine and separating the joints and bones in the back and the discs.

Anyone who has cervical or lumbar pain can get the therapy. Nonsurgical spinal decompression can also address sciatica or acute or chronic pain or back stiffness, radiating pain in the arms or legs, numbness or tingling, weakness in the arms or other extremities, or headaches.


What Are Some Benefits?

Here are some of the benefits you may experience after receiving the therapy:

  • Reduction in neurological symptoms (e.g., numbness, weakness, tingling)
  • Decreased pain in the spine
  • Less stiffness in the spine
  • Ability to walk & bend easier
  • Greater flexibility
  • Improved blood flow
  • Better posture

What to Expect

Your chiropractor will perform an exam and go over your health history. They will determine what’s going on and whether you need the decompression therapy or not. Please allow 45 minutes for this first appointment.

If you are a good candidate for nonsurgical spinal decompression, you will receive your first treatment at this appointment.

Heat can be applied to your spine before starting the lumbar decompression therapy. This helps to warm up your joints and muscles, thus decreasing stiffness in your spine. Then we will have you lie down in a comfortable position on your back. You will be placed in a harness that fits your lumbar spine. As you are lying down the machine will gently pull to open up the spine. It is safe and effective. The therapy is typically given for 15 minutes, and an adjustment to the spine may be applied if needed.

Cervical spinal decompression is given for those with neck pain. With this type of decompression, a harness is placed around the head and a very gentle pull is felt. This type of decompression is helpful for patients with neurological symptoms in their arms or headaches related to any neurological symptom. As is the case with lumbar decompression, each session takes about 15 minutes.


Is it going to hurt?

Usually, there’s no pain associated with nonsurgical spinal decompression. Most people will experience relief but it depends on each patient, their condition and the severity.

Is it effective?

Nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy is considered quite effective. For some, the therapy can be so effective that they may not need surgery. The majority of our patients have gotten good results from the therapy. There is also substantial research that shows the therapy is very effective.

How long is a typical session?

The decompression therapy takes about 15 minutes. With heat application and a spinal adjustment, you can expect to be here for about 30 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on your condition. If you have a chronic condition it may take longer. At each visit, we will go over your progress and examine you again.

Are there any side effects?

You may feel some soreness in the first visit afterward similar to how you would feel after a workout at the gym.

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