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Massage Therapy in Surrey

Experience a natural, conservative type of bodywork that relieves many types of pain with massage therapy at Back & Body Wellness Centre. It is appropriate for all ages, including children and expecting moms. If you have been in a car accident, ICBC coverage can be used.

There are so many people, just like you, who struggle to understand the true nature of their health issues and who are unable to live life without pain. Our team listens and helps you achieve better health conditions, so you can live your life without discomfort.


How It Benefits You

Massage therapy is an ancient technique that manipulates the soft tissues in the body to cause therapeutic effects. Your soft tissues include skin, muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, tendons and membranes.

The many benefits of this therapy include increasing joint mobility and blood circulation and reducing and eliminating pain and tension. It can also enhance lymphatic drainage, improve immune system function, and diminish anxiety and depression. Through the process of therapy, you’ll build more body awareness and begin to understand how your soft tissues work in tandem with the rest of your body, and how whole-body wellness is integral to healing.

Those suffering from upper back, neck and shoulder pain, “tech neck,” stress and sports injuries, headaches and migraines, fatigue, lower back and hip pain, and even anxiety and depression can benefit greatly from massage therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is massage therapy, and how does it address various types of pain?

Massage therapy is a natural, conservative bodywork technique offered at Back & Body Wellness Centre, relieving many types of pain. It provides a holistic approach to pain relief.

Can you provide detailed information on different massage techniques available?

Certainly. Our clinic offers various massage techniques, including relaxation, deep tissue, and sports massage. Each technique has specific benefits tailored to individual needs. Just let the receptionist know before booking what you are wanting in terms of pressure.

How does massage therapy contribute to overall health and wellness beyond pain relief?

Massage therapy goes beyond pain relief; it enhances overall health and wellness by improving circulation, reducing stress, and promoting relaxation.

Are massage therapists at Back & Body Wellness Centre qualified and experienced?

Yes, our massage therapists are highly qualified and experienced. We highlight their credentials and approach to treatment to ensure our clients receive professional care.

Do you have testimonials or reviews from clients who have experienced massage therapy at your clinic?

Yes, we value client feedback. Visit our website to read testimonials and reviews from clients who have benefited from our massage therapy services.

What conditions can benefit from massage therapy, and are there specific treatments for conditions like TMJ or sciatica?

Massage therapy is beneficial for various conditions, including TMJ, sciatica, and carpal tunnel syndrome. We offer personalized treatments targeting specific issues.

How does massage therapy complement other treatments such as chiropractic care or physiotherapy?

Massage therapy integrates seamlessly with other treatments, providing a holistic approach to healing. Coordination between different modalities enhances overall well-being.

What are the potential benefits of regular massage therapy sessions for stress reduction and mental health?

Regular massage therapy sessions contribute to stress reduction and positively impact mental health by promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety.

Can massage therapy enhance athletic performance and aid in injury prevention and recovery?

Absolutely. Our clinic recognizes the role of massage therapy in improving athletic performance, preventing injuries, and aiding in recovery.

How can individuals ensure they find the right massage therapist and maximize the benefits of each session?

Finding the right massage therapist is crucial. We provide tips on our website to help individuals make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of each session.

What to Expect

Prior to your appointment, ensure you are sufficiently hydrated and continue to hydrate for at least 24 hours after the appointment. As our highly qualified and skilled therapists work your soft tissues, you may have some soreness, but that is normal.

Many patients will begin to see positive changes early on in the duration of their treatment, and massage therapy is a great way to benefit other modalities or treatments you’ve been recommended. If you are receiving chiropractic, massage loosens your tight muscles to help the chiropractic manipulation more effective and last longer.

Reap the Benefits of Our Expertise

Our practitioners are eager to meet you and get a plan in place to help you regain your health and mobility. If you’re interested in finding out how massage therapy can be part of your plan and help you, contact us today. Our skilled team of massage therapists can help you improve your well-being and extend the life of your other therapeutics.



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