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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in Surrey

From the day your baby is born, they can be checked for spinal misalignments by our chiropractors. With experience and training in pediatric chiropractic, we can use the gentlest touch to realign their spine and optimize their health.

Though we do not treat conditions such as autism and ADD/ADHD, if there is nerve interference present in the spine that is restricting blood flow to the brain, you may see an improvement in these symptoms.

Sharing in Our Patients’ Successes

Dr. Pannu has seen many pediatric cases over her years in practice that have benefited from chiropractic. One was a three-year-old boy that was uncommunicative. He had not been diagnosed with any condition, and his mother was unsure of where to turn. Dr. Pannu referred her to the proper practitioners and gave her son a treatment. When they returned for a follow-up, the mother reported that the boy had been more talkative and active after a single visit.

Another case involved a four-year-old boy who had a spinal condition and was in a wheelchair. He could not sit up straight, communicate or play with other kids and had developmental issues. After a spinal check, Dr. Pannu determined misalignments were present.

The boy received care for three weeks and then began sitting up on his own and playing with other children in the neighborhood. Even more surprising, his ophthalmologist, who had diagnosed the boy with poor vision, saw him after the chiropractic visits and was shocked at the improvement in the boy’s sight.

There was another child that had a fever and a cold when they arrived at Back & Body Wellness Centre for an adjustment. The fever promptly went away, and the cold symptoms decreased by half.

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