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Neck Pain Relief in Surrey & Langley

man siting at desk with neck painIf you’re feeling a pain in your neck, there can be many causes. Just like back and hip pain, it can be caused by prior injury. It can also be caused by our increased technology use and by poor posture.

The average human head weighs 11 pounds, and if your posture slopes to a point where the neck is even just an inch off its proper positioning, it can add an additional 20 pounds of force to joints that are not built to withstand that pressure.

Whether you’re aware or not of that difference in your body’s positioning, you’re bound to develop neck pain at some point from the additional stress on the joints over time. This can lead to chronic neck pain, headaches, and loss of mobility.

How Chiropractic Can Help

A visit to the chiropractor can help stabilize your joints and muscles, strengthening the area over time and decreasing the pain and discomfort through gentle adjustment techniques.

While “self-adjusting” is popular among those people who feel neck pain and discomfort, it can cause more harm than good. Forcing your neck to crack or pop on your own can be dangerous. At Back & Body Wellness Centre, you will find trusted, highly skilled chiropractors who can get to the root of what is causing the issue in your neck muscles, tissues, and joints while also providing relief through an adjustment.

In addition, the chiropractor will provide you with at-home exercises to improve your posture and the strength in your neck while giving you tips to avoid worsening the condition, like decreased screen time or ways to use your technology in a way that’s kinder to your neck.

A Team You Can Trust

Neck pain can interrupt our lives, and whether it’s due to posture, tech use, or conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or degenerative disc disease, the result is that we don’t enjoy our lives like we’re meant to. We find it hard to sleep and move, and it begins a snowball effect on the rest of our lives.

Our team is eager to become your partner in improved health and wellness while taking the necessary, gentle steps to help remove the barrier of neck pain in your life. Contact us today to get started on a path toward relief.



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