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Knee Ligament Injury Care in Surrey

Stop Suffering from Stubborn Knee Pain – Find Lasting Relief

hands grasping knee in painThe knee is an intricate joint, with four major ligaments acting as sturdy, elastic bands that connect the femur to the tibia. But when these supportive ligaments become strained, torn or injured, even simple movements can bring excruciating knee pain and instability. Don’t resign yourself to a sedentary life, Dr. Pannu and her team specializes in resolving persistent knee ligament injuries that have resisted other treatments.

Common Causes of Knee Ligament Injuries

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is vulnerable to injury during activities with sudden twisting or impact forces like basketball, football, skiing and even golf. But you can also strain or sprain the posterior cruciate (PCL), medial collateral (MCL) or lateral collateral (LCL) ligaments through direct trauma or overstretching the joint.

Comprehensive Knee Injury Recovery

Our team starts by conducting an in-depth examination to identify whether your knee issues stem from a ligament sprain, muscle imbalance or misaligned joints. This root cause analysis guides your customized treatment plan, which may incorporate:

Non-Surgical Solutions for Severe Ligament Tears

Back & Body Wellness Centre has helped many patients recover from partial or complete ligament tears without invasive surgery. Our non-surgical solutions focus on targeted laser therapy, rehabilitative exercises, and restoring proper joint mechanics through chiropractic adjustments and supportive bracing/taping.

Beyond-the-Knee Assessment

Since issues in the spine, hips and ankles can contribute to knee dysfunction, we evaluate your entire kinetic chain. Adjustments, customized orthotics and soft tissue techniques like massage and shockwave relieve compensatory problems to facilitate lasting knee recovery.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I’ve had chronic knee pain for years. Can Back & Body Wellness Centre still help?

A: Absolutely! Many of our patients had been suffering for months or years before finding relief through our comprehensive approach that resolves underlying biomechanical imbalances, not just symptoms.

Don’t Let Knee Pain Take Over Your Life

Whether you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or simply want to reclaim an active lifestyle, we have the solutions for overcoming stubborn knee ligament injuries. Schedule your consultation in Surrey today.


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