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Manny Pannu

Manager and Weight Loss Consultant

Manny PannuHello and welcome to our website. My name is Manny Pannu. I am a Manager and Weight Loss Consultant at Back & Body Wellness Centre.

I was born and raised in India. Since, my childhood I was very active in sports and as I got older my love for track and field sports and body building also grew. In India, while I was completing my Master’s Degree in History I competed in many track and field events and achieved gold medal in Discus Throw, Hammer Throw, High Jump and Long Jump. After finishing my studies in 2001, I moved back to my home town and got a job as a college professor. During this time I developed the appetite of healthy eating and exercising regularly and soon started training myself as a bodybuilder.

I came to Canada in 2003 and during my early years in Canada I had to go through struggles in finding the right job that fit my education level. I soon lost that discipline of healthy eating which I use to have back in India and embraced the North American diet. I gained weight quite fast and I wanted to lose it since I was never considered to be overweight before. So I started exercising whenever I had time but instead of losing weight I gained more weight and got bigger as the years went by.

Discovering My Passion for Weight Loss

After a few years I was 249 Lbs and I also developed a severe back problem. My wife who is Chiropractor motivated me to lose weight and to be healthy again. She told me that my back pain would get even worse if I did not lose weight. I had no choice but to lose weight to be healthy again. I came across a gentleman named Vic who introduced me to Ideal Protein Weight Loss program. I started the program and within 2 months I lost 37 Lbs. This new diet (healthy eating) not only helped me with my disc problem but it also improved my sleep pattern. Now I do not feel hungry all the time, and am eating very healthy.

I started managing Back and Body Wellness Centre in 2013 and during this time me and my wife realized that there are many people who have weight issues. Weight gain affects one’s life physically and emotionally and eating right can help decrease these stresses. So we started Ideal protein in our Clinic in late 2013 and since then we had many success stories. It’s a blessing to see people leave our clinic happy and knowing that we are doing something better for our society.

If you’d like to lose weight and feel your best, contact our Surrey practice today to schedule a consultation!

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