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Urinary Incontinence and Prostate Cancer Care

man sitting on bench smilingAt Back & Body Wellness Centre, we’re proud to help patients as they navigate various levels of health problems—even those who may be going through or recently battled cancer.

Our unique therapy for men dealing with urinary incontinence and prostate cancer involves custom sessions for patients of all walks of life, designed to restore your health and get you back to living the life you deserve.

The Connection Between Incontinence and Surgery

Did you know that prostate cancer surgery is one of the number one causes of urinary incontinence in men?

During the procedure, the sphincter that controls urine leakage may be removed. As you might be able to guess, after surgery, urine leakage can continue and become worse.

While recovery is entirely possible, it looks different for each man. Some may regain control in just a few short weeks, while others may take up to a year or longer.

Our Approach to Care

We take a custom approach to each patient, which typically involves a type of physiotherapy known as Kegel exercise. We promise to dive deep to uncover exactly what’s going on in your body and if there are any other causes to the problem you’re experiencing.

Kegel exercises involve certain movements and repetitions designed to specifically strengthen pelvic region muscles, therefore helping you regain control of anything that may have weakened after surgery.

In addition to offering the care you need, we’re always here for you emotionally and to offer you the support to help you thrive.

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Control Bladder Incontinence in Men with Contino®

Bladder incontinence is a common side-effect of prostate treatments related to prostate cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia – PBH (enlarged prostate) and Prostatitis (prostate inflammation), and can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Contino® is an easy-to-use urethral insert that can control the flow of urine. It can be removed and re-inserted as many times a day as needed. Users report that it is painless to insert and that it allows them to return to what life was like before they experienced urinary incontinence. Users find that it reduces or eliminates the need for pads, surgical intervention, and collection devices. It is also not associated with skin irritation.

As a Contino® Authorized Trainer, Back and Body Wellness Center can complete an independent assessment and, if appropriate, provide a personalised fitting and support of Contino®.

If your Contino® Authorised Trainer determines Contino® is right for you, you’ll get started with a 30-day trial for a fully-refundable deposit of $100. After that, a Contino® subscription delivers products straight to your door for $100 a month

Visit to see if Contino® is right for you and how it works, or watch this video to learn about what it’s like to use Contino®.

Learn More Today

We’re happy to help you get back to living a healthy, comfortable life free from challenges. If you’d like to learn more about our Male Pelvic Floor therapy program, we’d love to welcome you into our care.

Contact us today to get started and book your first appointment. We look forward to meeting you!

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