The soy snacks shown below are a delicious, nutritious part of the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method menu. With tasty, satisfying selections, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is enjoyable, and it provides real results to real people. Pair Ideal Protein foods with education from us here at Back & Body Wellness Centre to shed pounds and keep the weight off. It’s our goal to improve your health, providing you with a personalized weight loss program that truly works. Browse through our catalog of Ideal Protein foods, learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, and get in touch with us if you’re curious about our unique weight loss solution. Back & Body Wellness Centre is a certified Ideal Protein Center!

A perfect blend of apple and cinnamon flavours packed in a delicious snack.

Satisfy your sweet cravings with these crunchy chocolate covered soy puffs.

Try these crunchy southwest cheese curls for a gratifying snack.

Seasoned for snacking satisfaction, these crunchy treats will hit the spot.

Enjoy our classic roasted BBQ Soy Nuts! These crunchy nuts make for a quick and convenient snack.

A light, crispy texture with a distinct rich cheddar cheese flavour.

Enjoy a burst of garlic and fine herbs with our new crunchy soy crisps. Give in to that potato chip craving without cheating!

Irresistibly crunchy and downright delicious! These sea salt and vinegar crisps deliver on flavour and will leave you feeling satisfied.

Get ready to snack on our perfectly seasoned BBQ crisps! Nutritious and full of goodness without sacrificing on taste.