With the Ideal Protein® Weight Loss Method, you don’t have to sacrifice flavor to earn weight loss results. Just take a look at the pudding and jelly options available here at Back & Body Wellness Centre! The Ideal Protein Weight Loss program is specifically designed to improve your health, while educating you about a healthy lifestyle. By transforming your diet, you can decrease insulin production which is associated with obesity. Here at our wellness clinic, we’ll educate you about the cause of weight gain and obesity, and we’ll work with you to formulate a plan to attain a healthy weight. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is ideal for those seeking to lose weight and keep it off. Learn more about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method, or get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Sweet and creamy this delicious pudding is sure to please your palate.

A ready-to-serve silk in a cup decadent milk chocolate pudding.

A ready-to-serve classic French vanilla pudding.

A delectable milk chocolate treat.

A creamy and smooth dark chocolate extravaganza.

This creamy and smooth butterscotch pudding will do the trick when you need a boost.

This pudding delivers a rich banana flavour.

A classic creamy French vanilla pudding.

An exquisite raspberry jelly that is ready to eat in minutes.

The Cherry Gelatin Mix is naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract and delivers the classic refreshing cherry taste that everyone loves.