If your back hurts, it may not be your spine that is the root of the issue. The problem may be far lower on your body—it may be your feet. Since your feet support the whole of your body weight while you’re standing, your feet must be balanced and aligned to support a well-postured back. On the other hand, if you have poorly aligned and unbalanced feet, you could be harming your posture. Fortunately, you can improve the positioning and support of your feet with orthotics. Custom orthotics provide a variety of benefits, including all of those listed below.

The Benefits of Orthotics

As we mentioned, orthotics can improve your posture. Beyond that, orthotics can be beneficial if you suffer from pain, discomfort, exercise-based issues, arthritis, or diabetes.


Good posture isn’t just great for your joints, it’s beneficial for numerous body parts and bodily functions. As the Muscle & Fitness article, The Importance of Good Posture, points out, good posture can improve your circulation, your digestion, your muscles, as well as your mood, confidence, and image. Plus, as you might guess, good posture reduces back problems, leg problems (like sciatica), and neck problems—all of which can leave you in pain. Good posture leads to improved whole body health.


If you suffer from pain in your feet, ankles, legs, back, or neck, you may need to have custom orthotics. Often, feet lack adequate support to properly align the foot. That can cause pain in the joints and muscles in the foot, leg, and other parts of the body.


A good custom orthotic simply feels better for your foot. Since an orthotic is designed to hug your feet, the weight of your body is spread across the entire surface of your sole. That alleviates any discomfort that can be caused from pressure points across the underside of the foot. A custom orthotic is essential for those of us that are constantly on our feet. Whether you’re a construction worker, a nurse, a teacher, or simply someone who prefers to spend their time walking, a custom orthotic can keep you comfortable while you’re on the move.

Arthritic and Diabetic People

Diabetes can cause nerve damage throughout the feet. Often, those who have diabetes also have foot numbness. Orthotics can improve the circulation and reduce strain which can cause this numbness (or neuropathy).

For those who have arthritis, joint pain can be reduced with the use of orthotics. Orthotics can reduce pain and inflammation, which can improve mobility and comfort.


Exercise can be demanding on your feet. If you’re a runner, for instance, it’s likely that you’ll experience some pain as you work out. Fortunately, you can reduce the impact that exercise has with a custom orthotic. Once again, orthotics alleviate some of the stress that you place on the soles of your feet, by spreading the pressure that’s applied to the foot with each foot strike.

Come to Back & Body Centre for Custom Orthotics

Here at Back & Body Centre of Surrey, we create custom orthotics that are perfectly designed to fit your feet. We us an innovative diagnostic tool, the TOG GaitScan™, to map your foot and the pressure which you naturally apply across your soul. Then, we utilize that data to build a form-fitting orthotic that relieves these pressures while improving the natural position of your feet as it rests in your shoe. Learn more about our custom orthotics, and get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today!