If you suffer from sore feet and complications caused by misalignment, then it’s time to consider orthotics. Our custom orthotics are designed just for you and your feet. They hug your feet, spreading support throughout the foot while improving the posture of the entire body. Orthotics are a great idea for most of us, especially adults who suffer from problems, including lower back pain, poor posture, and more.

Here at Back & Body Wellness Centre, we’re proud to provide orthotic solutions for our patients. Now, we often get questions about our custom orthotics. That’s why we’re addressing some of our most common questions below:

What Are Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics are designed to fit your feet. These custom “foot beds” are meant to aid your balance, body position, and the spread of weight across the bottom of the foot. Therapeutic orthotics are specifically designed to address high pressure points throughout the foot, correcting misaligned, poorly balanced feet. Orthotics can be inserted into your shoe in place of the insole.

Who Benefits From Custom Orthotics?

Orthotics are designed to reduce pain, improve foot balance, and improve posture. If you suffer from sore feet, back pain, hip issues, or poor posture, your shoes may be to blame. With custom orthotics, your foot is properly aligned with your ankle. That alignment is beneficial for your entire posture, and it can remedy foot problems, leg problems, back problems, and in some cases, neck problems. If you’re curious about what custom orthotics can do for you, reach out to your podiatrist or orthotic specialist.

How Are Custom Orthotics Made?

Here at Back & Body Centre, we rely on a digital device to analyze the natural strike of the foot. A patient stands and moves on the device, data is collected concerning pressure points on the foot, and then an orthotic is designed to correct any imbalances throughout the feet. We utilize a machine called the TOG GaitScan™. The TOG GaitScan is an innovative diagnostic tool and digital casting device that allows practitioners to analyze patient biomechanics and order custom orthotic products. With 4,096 sensors and a scan rate of 300 frames per second, GaitScan is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities. We can measure and analyze your feet in a manner of minutes, providing comfort and protection from poor posture that can last a lifetime.

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear With My Orthotics?

In general, you can utilize your orthotics with any pair of shoes that has a removable insole. You can also acquire prescribed shoes that are specially suited for your orthotics. You can also find clogs and sandals that are suitable for your orthotics, and we may be able to provide shoes that have your orthotics built into them. If you have multiple pairs of shoes that you utilize every day, you may want to invest in multiple pairs of orthotics for each shoe.

How Often Should I Wear My Orthotics?

Ideally, you should wear your orthotics whenever you’re standing. The more you wear your orthotics, the more comfortable they will become, and the more they’ll have an impact on your posture and health. When you’re exercising, orthotics can be especially helpful. Orthotics help to reduce the impact that your feet, ankles, and other joints endure. Plus, they ensure that you have proper posture throughout your workout.

What Do New Orthotics Feel Like?

When you try out your custom orthotics for the first time, you’ll likely notice a difference — that means that your orthotics are working! Orthotics are usually a little stiff to start, but they’ll break in within a few hours of wearing them. We recommend wearing your an hour per day to start; you can slowly add more and more wearing time to your day until the orthotics are fully broken in.

People often note that orthotics make your shoes feel small, or they seem to lift your feet off the ground. While orthotics may feel odd at first, you’ll get used to the feeling (especially once you begin to eradicate pain throughout your joints!). Plus, once an orthotic is broken in, it’ll be flexible and perfectly formed to your feet.

Do Orthotics Hinder Muscle Tone?

There’s a common misconception that orthotics will cause your muscles to weaken. It’s simply not true. With orthotics, your feet and legs utilize the proper muscles in the right succession. That means that you’ll be improving how your legs operate, and you won’t be expending as much energy walking, running, or working out. With custom orthotics, your gait will be natural and efficient.

Start Off on the Right Foot Today!

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