Every time you have a massage, it’s likely that you wish that it weren’t over. It’s one of the most relaxing experiences. A massage isn’t just enjoyable and enlightening, it’s a healthy addition to your routine. Massage therapy provides a variety of benefits to patients. Massage can improve your vascular health, reduce pain, improve recovery time from injury and illness, it can help you to destress, and more.

Now, let’s delve into the benefits of massage, and why you should consider getting a massage regularly.

Improve Blood Pressure & Circulation

For those with poor circulation and high blood pressure, regular massages can provide a health boost. Massage boosts vascular circulation, which can improve the health of your body on a cellular level.

Pain Reduction & Recovery

Suffer from back pain? Do your calves tighten up at night? Is your shoulder a little out of whack from that last golf lesson? Massage therapy may be the solution. With regular massage, you can reduce pain in your life, giving your muscles a much-needed release. Plus, since massage improves your circulation, your muscles recover from injury and exercise more swiftly. That means less pain, and better, faster results for those who are active.

Boost Your Immunity

While everyone around the office is sick, you can rest assured that your body is in tip top shape to fend off colds this season. With regular massage, you naturally bolster your body’s immune system. Since your vascular health is improved, your body has a chance to balance its hormones, which can strengthen your response to illness. Plus, massage can reduce inflammation that may be caused by illness or injury.


With work, kids, bills, appointments, and car maintenance, it can be difficult to take a breath and slow down. When you set aside an hour or so for massage, you’re giving yourself some much needed “me time.” That’s crucial for those who live a highly active and demanding lifestyle (and these days, that’s most of us). Take some time every few weeks to put the phone down and get pampered.

Sleep, Mood, and More

Massage has a positive impact on your mood. If you’re tense, angry, or depressed, massage can relieve all of those negative feelings, turning a sour day into a triumph. Plus, that feeling of relaxation may help you to get more restful sleep at night.

How Often Should I Have Massage?

While there’s no black and white answer here, massage is almost always beneficial. Consult your therapist or physician to ask about the frequency with which you should have a massage. Often, clients schedule a massage every couple of weeks or once per month.

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