When your muscles are aching and tight, there’s nothing that feels better than a massage. And the science is out there: massage is beneficial for athletes. Why? Well, massage aids focus, it improves athletic performance, and it’s good for your health. Let’s dig a little deeper into the benefits of massage for athletes.

Mental Acuity

Athletes need to focus to perform at their best. Massage aids focus, as Authority Remedies points out in their article, Best Types of Massage for Athletes. “An athlete needs to have a relaxed mind and body to be quick, vigilant and observant.” Think about it. When you’re about to intercept a soccer ball from an opponent, you should be focused—or “quick, vigilant and observant.” If you’re too tense, you may miss your mark. If you’re unfocused, you might have poor form, which can slow you down. Focus counts in nearly any sport or exercise, and massage improves focus by relaxing the body and clearing the mind.

Improved Performance

If you feel that your performance has plateaued out there in the field, massage may bring you to the next level. How? Massage improves circulation and flexibility. In a Breaking Muscle article, entitled The 5 Benefits Of Massage Therapy For The Serious Weightlifter, author Dresdin Archibald notes that massage “will have a great impact on lymphatic and blood circulation, influencing waste removal from these areas, as well as food and oxygen supply to these areas. All of this leads to faster recovery and an earlier return to effective training.”

Beyond that, massage improves flexibility. If you’re a swimmer, you rely on your flexibility to get the most length out of your stroke. If you’re a tennis player, you utilize your flexibility to maximize the speed of your serve. Flexibility counts, and massage can improve an athlete’s performance by improving her flexibility.

Health Benefits

Simply put, massage is healthy. It aids the body in removing toxins from muscle tissue. You can flush out lactic acid that has built up within your muscles after vigorous exercise, which, once again, improves your body’s recovery time.

As we mentioned, massage improves your circulation, which is helpful for your cardiovascular system and whole-body health. While improved circulation helps your heart health, superior circulation also better nourishes every cell in your body, providing the oxygen and nutrients necessary to grow, multiply, and thrive.

In addition, massage improves your physical health while aiding your mental health. Massage can improve your mood, and it can lead to more restful sleep, which provides further benefits to both body and mind.

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