People just don’t drink enough water. As a whole, there’s a strange “epidemic” in Northern America where we simply don’t drink as much water as the body needs to thrive. Without enough water, cells aren’t receiving the fuel that they need to live. In addition, without water, bodily processes aren’t performed as well as they should be. You could experience tiredness, headaches, and other symptoms, simply because you haven’t been drinking enough of that H2O. Now, that’s problematic enough. However, the issue doesn’t stop there. Drinking enough water is especially important alongside various activities. For instance, it is crucial to drink plenty of water if you’re consuming alcohol. And you wouldn’t want to exercise without plenty of water to energize and protect your cells.

Now what about massage?

The Importance of Water During Massage Therapy

Massage therapy compresses muscles, which releases toxins into the bloodstream. Once again, water comes into play. As toxins pour into the bloodstream, our bodies rely on water to collect toxins and distribute them to organs which filter these toxins out of the system. But the importance of water doesn’t stop there. Water aids our flexibility and muscle strength, even on a cellular level. Think about it like this: A person with a dehydrated body will have thicker, more viscous blood. It’s more difficult to pump that blood through to every capillary in the body, and each beat of the heart won’t bring much water to the cells throughout the body. That can result in dry skin, cramping muscles, headaches, and a laundry list of other ailments. Having sufficient water, on the other hand, promotes muscle growth and flexibility. It also aids with muscle repair for those who’ve suffered an injury or those who exercise vigorously.

So, in short, you should drink plenty of water alongside massage therapy treatments (and every day!). Drinking water will help your body to discard toxins that have built up within muscles; it will help your muscles to recover from exercise and injury more swiftly; and drinking water will mitigate the onset of cramps, headaches, dry skin, and various other common ailments. So, that begs the question:

How Much Water Should You Drink?

You should drink eight or more glasses of water per day. If you exercise, or if you’re getting a massage, consider adding a glass or two to that count. You should be drinking water consistently throughout the day to keep your digestion regular and your cells satiated. Keep an eye out for signs of dehydration, including, but not limited to, dry skin, cramps, dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, weakness, and myofascial pain. If you’re getting a massage, drink plenty of water both before and after your therapy. Remember: Your muscles are largely comprised of water, up to 70 percent, in fact! Nourish your muscles with plenty of water during massage therapy to ensure that you’re making the most of your therapy.

Massage Therapy at the Back & Body Wellness Centre

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